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Two Weeks In Ensenada

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

January 21, 2019

Hey guys! I miss you already. It has almost been two weeks since I was back home. It really has been such a great time. For a few days I was down in southern California meeting the family of my girlfriend Gabby and now since Wednesday it has been work, work, work. I am really having a lot of fun learning and of course the tacos are incredible every time I come! You should come try them out when the mission team comes down in July! I already have a load of stuff in my mind for when they come. It will be great!

I have been looking for an apartment for the last week and I still have no luck. I have really great friends that let me stay with them, but I definitely need my own place. It has been kind of irritating if I can be honest. I really want to get started with full force, but with the lack of a permanent place looming over my head, it makes it difficult. I trust that God knows though, so, I will rest in that. It says in Matthew 6 that the birds never go without food, so, I know I wont either. God will take care of me.

I want to thank the whole church for the amount of support that it has been showing me, not only finance but also in communication and logistical help. The offering that I received is really a huge demonstration of that support. It helps me see the faithfulness of God and the call He has put on my life.

I have not started work quite yet in the rehab centers except for having a meeting with the pastor to discuss what we are going to do. I will have a lot of responsibility with the young men. I have been given freedom to do what I am led to do so that we can get more people involved and more spiritual influence in the lives of these kids. We are also in the works to get together with the kids when they leave the rehab centers.

On Thursday, me and my girlfriend Gabby had a meeting with an executive of a company down here who has become involved with us. He has SO MANY connections that we could never have on our own! We established the board of directors on Saturday. We are working on setting up a program through our experience in this campaign for land and a new home for an orphanage called “A New Horizon.” Gabby has been working in the orphanage for three years now. I will be helping a little in terms of the program and future planning/logistical things for the new home and group rules and instructions.

It has been difficult, but not too much. Really, God has been blessing and the experience has been very pleasing. God has been through it all. I just keep repeating the verses about the fact that God will take care of me. I have no doubt that that will be the case. God is good and He always has been. I will make sure to keep you guys updated on what has been going on and what is happening.

If you feel led to donate monthly, you can do so at there you can find the paypal option at the bottom of the page. God bless!

Your brother in Christ: Caleb Smith

(the picture is from an orphanage where we were teaching a computer class the the young women there.)

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