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what we believe

Biblical Understanding

  1. The nature of God

    • The God is a three faceted being. He resides in Heavenly places, yet He is Omnipresent at the same time. He also holds the characteristics of being Omnipotent, giving Him the capability to create the entire universe or multiverse out of things unseen, as well as Omniscient, giving Him the capability to know all things–what was, is, and is to come. He is beyond time for He created it and a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day unto the Lord. God cannot sin, nor can He be tempted to sin, nor does He tempt anyone. God is spirit and cannot be looked at directly. He is perfect in all His ways.

  2. Jesus Christ

    • He is the second of the Godhead. He was in heaven with the Father before God sent Him and He emptied Himself to become like man in every way. He lived perfectly in both human and divine nature. He was the perfect sacrifice for us and became the propitiation for us to God. He closed the gap between us and God. Jesus Christ now sits on the right hand of the glory of God.

  3. Holy Spirit

    • He is the third of the Godhead, but equally God as the Father and Son. He is the guidance for those of us who are believers. He comes into us when we accept Christ. The Holy Spirit is the part of God the Father that he uses to speak through us and move us toward His will. It is a completely invisible, but powerful force.

  4. Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    • Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. It is a public display for all the community or group of people around to see. Jesus Himself was baptized as the Son of God as an example for us to do the same. He then commanded us to do the same and God is glorified through it.

  5. Sin

    • Sin is what comes about when one rebels against the commands of God. The law was made so that sin may be understood. Sin is the desire of a man spinning out of control and is conceived in action. It brings death. Everyone is inherently sinful and has sinned other than the aforementioned Jesus Christ. Sin entered the world as soon as we decided our plan was better than God’s plan.

  6. The Bible

    • The Bible is a holy book. It is infallible in every aspect. It’s God breathed nature ensures that it is not in error. God’s word will always prevail and will most assuredly never die away.

  7. Salvation

    • From the beginning God planned salvation, the great saving grace of the human race. He promised that the head will be bruised and the heal will be bruised, a direct prophecy of God’s plan. Salvation is the direct result of a perfect and permanent sacrifice which could act as the propitiation for all sins past, present, and future. Salvation through grace is the only thing which can save a person for all works are only counted as debt owed to God. We are made perfect through salvation by our savior. Salvation is a guarantee that cannot be taken away.

  8. Eschatology

    • I believe that the signs of Christ’s coming and the tribulation have been coming to fruition. I also believe that it is important to live for God today, but keep free of ignorance of tomorrow. Paul tells us not to worry about it because we are safe. We live by the light and can see what is ahead of us. We do not live in the darkness and in ignorance of what is going to go on as the non-believers do. The end times events seem to be coming to fruition quickly here and it may be soon when Christ comes again.

  9. The Rapture/Millennial Kingdom

    • I have not personally read deeply on end time events, but I believe in a literal view of Daniel, Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, and Revelation when it should be taken literally and figurative when it should be taken figuratively. I take Mark 13 to indicate a rapture like event of the elect to come about after the tribulation. I believe we will endure the events. I do not know exactly everything that goes on after this point.

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