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Update 12-2-2017

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Hello Church!

Hey guys, I just wanted to update you on a few things. If you don’t know me, my name is Caleb. I came to Mexico as a student in Calvary Chapel Bible College almost two and a half years ago. Spending those two years there in the college was absolutely incredible. I spent my time studying God’s word and could not get enough of it. I fell in love with the culture of Mexico and have also been able to pick up the language quite a bit. Si quieres ver como, vamos a conversar en Español. Haha if you didn’t get that, it was just an invitation to Spanish speakers to talk with me. The whole time was such a blast.

After the school I was given the opportunity to go to a camp program for children from different orphanages. This was a summer long program that I was able to participate in. We played games, we set up activities, and we spent much time teaching them about the Bible.

Now, I am here again in Ensenada. I enrolled four months ago in a school of leadership. This school is dedicated to developing us as leaders so that when we finish we can return to our home churches ready to help in whatever way possible.

It has been really quite an experience. Recently I was put in charge of the homeless ministry at the church down here. The first event that we had was done on the 1st of December. We were able to give food to around twenty-five homeless individuals in Ensenada. Thanks to our team of seven dedicated people, we were not only able to give food, but also talk to them on an individual level. I know that there are many organizations that give food to the homeless, but I felt that there was something that was missing. I felt that what was missing was on the individual basis, that the food is necessary, but sitting down and talking to them like normal people was missing. So, we did that.

It really changes a lot when you are able to speak to them on such an individual level. Not only was it impactful for them, but also for us. Not very often do we take the time to sit down with these individuals. Many of them have really incredible stories. Many of them are chained to an addiction of drugs or alcohol and cannot find their way out. The reality is that we often ignore some of the neediest people in society. And if we don’t ignore them we give them a little money, but so many have become numb to that, or just simply need more than that. They need a personal encounter with people who will sit with them and listen to them, but also talk about Jesus, He who can give us peace in all the problems that we have. The ministry isn’t giving food to the homeless, that’s just a means. That is just a means to an end which is sharing Jesus in an experiential way as He did it so oftentimes. The miracle was not what he did for their physical bodies, but what he did for their spiritual. He always focused on that and that is the same we strive for here.

These are just some of the things that I have been able to be involved in. It has been incredible. I come back to my home town in a few weeks and I’m ready. I’m excited!

Thank you for reading.

God bless.

Your brother in Christ

Caleb Smith

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